Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon QUADROPHONIC Mix
My Favorite Thing This Year (so far):

There is a QUADROPHONIC mix of Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (done by producer Alan Parsons in 1973 at the same time he did the the regular -- stereo -- mix).

If you want to download it via torrent search on google for "dark side of the moon 5.1 torrent" (it's 3.5GB).
(or click here

Just finished listening to it.  I didn't know my ears could do that.  It's like listening to the album for the first time (after maybe 1,000 times the stereo one over the last 20+ years).  Just make sure you sit in the center of the room, with no distractions.  (Don't bother if you don't have a surroundsound setup -- it would be like watching a 3D movie without the glasses).

Something I may or may not recommend depending on which ad is shown: