Friday, April 30, 2010

When you prick the planet, does it not bleed?

The oil slick could become the nation's worst environmental disaster in decades, threatening hundreds of species of fish, birds and other wildlife along the Gulf Coast, one of the world's richest seafood grounds, teeming with shrimp, oysters and other marine life. Thicker oil was in waters south and east of the Mississippi delta about five miles offshore.

The leak from the ocean floor proved to be far bigger than initially reported, contributing to a growing sense among many in Louisiana that the government failed them again, just as it did during Hurricane Katrina.

A visual update [5/13/10]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

That must have been a huge settlement check

"The Big Apple Circus is a great family event. The kids especially enjoyed Bello's performance. The accident was a fluke (getting hit by lightning is more probable), but the most important thing is the kids are fine and our understanding is the performer is as well," the children's parents, Lou and Patricia Imbriano, said in a statement.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

People are crazy

Midtown NY today (video: people lining up 500 deep to buy an iPad)

If I had bought the original iPhone, my iPhone right now would not be able to use the 3G network (and some other stuff) and would have cost twice as much.

Why in hell are these people lining up to buy a product that is crippled in significant ways, by purposeful design by its seller in anticipation of the next marketing wave for V2 ?  I consider myself an early adopter, but I've also lived long enough to know that buying the first of anything is a losing proposition.

I guess this means I'm married

Pooch and Squish, naked as we came

Listening to Iron & Wine

Something I may or may not recommend depending on which ad is shown: